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CycloDS,CycloDS iEvolution,

CycloDS iEvolution is a multi-functional Micro SD adapter for DS,DS Lite,DSi and 3DS (Slot 1) which allows you to play games, listen MP3, view images, read e-books and enjoy the vastcollection of homebrew applications for NDS. You can also take advantage of the inbuilt cheat code system to enjoy more freedom with your favourite with unlimited energy, ammo, etc.

The CycloDS boasts features such as full download play support, DLDI auto-patching, an enhanced in-game menu,slow motion, microSD SDHC support and much more!If you want to bug a prefect flashcard for your DS, the CycloDS iEvolution may be the one for you.

CycloDS Advantage:

  • Easy to navigate and well designed software
  • High DS-Mode support (Homebrew and ROMs)
  • Potential for DSi-Mode Homebrew
  • Potential for DSi enhanced software
  • Wii connectivity
  • microSDHC support
  • Skinnable interface
  • Functioning in-game menu features (soft-reset, slow-motion, real time save, in-game guide)
  • Tweak-able menu and interface options
  • The famed CycloDS Evolution is now DSi compatible
  • Tin box for storage
  • Shortcut (bookmark) features
  • Frequent updates
  • Includes all the hardware required
  • DSi-Mode functionality
  • Slot-2 options (flashing, 3in1 support, rumble, RAM, PassMe)
  • AR cheat support
  • Adjustable in-game menu key combination
  • Ships "legal" with no pre-flashed bootloaders
  • Autoboot mode